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Desde simples detalles sobre European Cargo hasta informaciones utiles sobre el estado de la cuenta, en la sección de Preguntas más frecuentes encontrarás las respuestas a tus dudas y tendrás acceso a datos generales sobre la modalidad de utilizar la bolsa de transporte European Cargo.

What is Freight Exchange EuropeanCargo?

EuropeanCargo is an international logistics platform used for all of Europe .
The aim is to facilitate through the Internet platform the recipients of goods, carriers and logistics firms exchanging charges and maximize the opportunities of empty vehicles.
Firms that make offers and receive services from the transport sector deal online with such goods and vehicles for transport 7 days a week 24 hours a day, through EuropeanCargo Freight Exchange.
All members can use to easily the exchange, in real-time, viewing EuropeanCargo new opportunities for goods and empty vehicles.

Who uses EuropeanCargo Freight Exchange?

Freight Exchange EuropeanCargo is used by all companies operating in transport and logistics sector, and companies receiving the goods.

What is the working principle of the exchange transport EuropeanCargo?

The principle is to match with a cargo the truck on a route, both freight and truck routes that can bear deviations.

Respect for the other members of the Freight Exchange EuropeanCargo.

Each user who publishes their cargo / truck / contract / other information is displayed so that data cannot be published anonymously. In addition, responsibility is manifested at the time of publication: availability of trucks or freight, payment incidents, transportation incidents. Respect must be shown by the prompt updating of their published information: Removing a commodity when it was loaded, removing the trucks available and when they found the cargo and the contracts that have reached purpose.

How do I get an account for EuropeanCargo Freight Exchange?

By registration on the main page, where there will appear a form to fill with the complete data.

I cannot access freight exchange EuropeanCargo! What can I do?

Check your Internet connection.

I forgot my password. How do I recover my password?

On the main page at the top right menu there is the option to recover the password "Forgot your password?" Access this option and then visit the page that appears in the middle of a box where you will be asked to enter your e-mail used for your registration and then you will be sent the password on your e-mail.

How do I change my password?

From the main menu, go to "Profile", then select "Change password" and you can change your password by entering your old password and re-enter the password our two houses.

How do I change my user name and e-mail?

E-mail address changes by accessing the "Profile" "Edit data", and here you can change your user e-mail/nume.

How do I extend my account?

Your account may be extended by accessing the "Profile" option, then "Subscription Account" and here you will be displayed the payment methods of the invoice, where to list it, and the chosen dates to pay it, or the payment via SMS.

How do I pay my subscription?

When you register for a subscription, you will submit payment options available. General options are paid on 3, 6, 12 months by invoice. After registering, the company gives the "next step" and the display will appear for the way of payment for your country . Continue to choose the period for your subscription, and you will be sent the invoice on the e-mail you have registered. After paying the invoice you will have full access to freight exchange EuropeanCargo. The membership fee will be debited to your account when your registration is approved as a member. Confirmation of payment can be made via e-mail were or by fax at 004 0359 103 103.
Payments are made in the accounts:
For Lei: RO47BTRL00501202G25869XX
For Euro: RO22BTRL00504202G25869XX
Open to: Banca Transilvania , Oradea, Bihor, SWIFT CODE: BTRLRO22 pentru Sc Decargo Srl,
Nr. de inmatriculare: J05/1477/2007
Fiscal Code: RO21890076
If in doubt, please contact us at one of the numbers: (+4) 0744230483, 0040751514134, 0040757571676

How can I make a suggestion about the site?

Access from the main menu "Contact", where you can flag the issues you are interested in, and be free to make suggestions for improvement.

How do I post my goods or trucks?

In the top menu you have several options: input goods / trucks / contracts / coach / coach requests; to each of these categories you can publish your cargo / truck / contract / bus / coach applications. It is necessary to introduce the valid dates of your offer, the starting date and the expiration date of your offer, as accurately as possible.

How do I see loads / trucks / buses / coaches applications available?

Access from this main menu, and select the desired category, for ex: "Transport" and select "Truck offers. Here you will be displayed all the available trucks you can search on a particular route for example: "Italy - Romania", and you will be displayed all the available trucks on that route.

How do I get into discussions on the forum?

To communicate with other users on the forum you have to be first of all a Europeancargo member, logged on the site and then go to the bottom left to the "Forum", choose a name that you want to be displayed for you in the Discussion list.

How do I enter my means of transport ads for sale?

Go to the main menu and go to "My offers" and then "Auto ads”, here you can post the picture of the truck you want to publish in ads for sale.

How can I contact for assistance EuropeanCargo Freight Exchange administration for additional information?

In the top right go to "Contact" you will find the necessary information: telephone, fax, email, fast contact, box mailing address.

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